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Log Size

Legendary Logcrafters uses the largest logs comparable to our competitors.  For our Scandinavian full scribe homes our standard wall logs are 12"- 24" in diameter.  Our Dovetail homes have wll logs from 8" thick.  Large logs give the home a very majestic look.  They also increase the thermal mass considerably, making the home more energy efficient.  Our walls systems are over 50% more energy efficient than many of our competitors'.

Log Species

Legendary Logcrafters uses white pine exclusively.  White pine is one of the most stable of all softwoods.  It has 50% less shrinkage than most other softwoods meaning less settling and a lot less checking and cracking.  White pine also has a higher R-value than most commonly used softwoods, which also increases the energy efficiency of our homes.  We only harvest Ontario white pine, which has tighter, and smaller growth rings than the white pine grown in southern climates. This northern pine therefore is more stable and shrinks less than white pine from the south.

Advanced Techniques

Legendary Logcrafters uses advanced log building techniques such as shrink to fit saddle notches, over scribing laterals and relief kerfs cut in our full scribe homes.  This ensures that scribed logs fit perfectly.  In our Dovetail homes we use a full compound dovetail joint, which self-locks the logs and adds to the structural integrity of the home.


Legendary Logcrafters uses Grip Strip, a closed cell polyurethane foam gasket along with a highly flexible latex chinking for our dovetails. We use asphalt impregnated expanding foam gaskets between the logs of our full scribe homes.  Both systems is moisture and decay resistant and should last for the life of your log home.

Attention to Detail

It may see that all handcrafted homes look the same or very similar.  The closer you look however, the more you will see the differences.  We pay close attention to every detail that goes into building our homes.  We shape the sill logs, which are your first course of logs, so they sit and line up exactly with your foundation.  We hand peel or adze the entire log including the knots.  We hand-cut all the notches and finish them with a hand chisel. These are but a few examples of our detailing that set us apart from other log homebuilders.  We believe we offer our customers the most authentically handcrafted log home available on the market.


Our homes and all of its components are pre-cut and fitted in our factory.  This means our crew can reassemble your home in only two to three days.  With other manufacturers, it may take more than a month to install a "supply only" log package.  Materials only packages may appear to be better value but when compared to our quick "closed-in" package this is often no the case.


Our homes are handcrafted to the highest possible standards.  We most often exceed the standards as set out by the International Log Builders Association. Our logs are graded to ASTM D 3957 Standards.  The logs are then used appropriately according to their grading.


Legendary Logcrafters believes in complete customer satisfaction.  We are available before, during and after construction to answer any questions you may have. 


Legendary Logcrafters  Ltd. guarantees the workmanship on the log work of your home for a period of 20 years.  Any log work that is missing or damaged will be replaced or repaired by Legendary Logcrafters  Ltd..

At Legendary Logcrafters Ltd. we maintain that quality of materials and craftsmanship is of paramount importance when building your log home.