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Log Wall Styles

Premier Dovetail

product image Legendary Logcrafters Ltd. prides itself on being one of the premier builders of Handcrafted Dovetail wall systems.  This style of construction is also referred to as Canadiana Log because of its immense popularity in the late 1800s.  Logs are flattened on two sides to a width of 10” and joined at the corners with a dovetail joint.  Legendary Logcrafters Ltd. only uses a full compound joint to ensure a very stable, secure and locking wall system.  Massive logs ranging in size from 16" at the "tops" and 20"-28" at the "butts" are stacked to five or six rounds high to achieve a 9‘ wall height and give the home a very majestic look.  The options for exterior and interior finishes are rough sawn, planed smooth or hand hewn adzed.  This wall system also incorporates the use of chinking between each round.  Mortar or mud was traditionally used but today’s technology allows the use of a latex based chinking.  The size of the logs, combined with the stability of Eastern White Pine and the care in craftsmanship, make Legendary Logcrafters' Premier Dovetail wall system withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

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8 X 14 Dovetail

product image The 8 x 14"  Dovetail log profile is our most economical log system and is offered in both the Kwik-Kit form and fully customized package form.  The use of 8 x 14” white pine logs with a handcrafted full compound dovetail joint in the corners makes it one of the strongest and best values on the market.  With logs up to 40’ in length, butt joint are completely eliminated.  The 8 x 14" Dovetail is a chink style log home with an approximate 2” wide joint.  The edges are draw knifed by hand to give the chink line a natural look.  The surface options on exterior and interior finishes are rough sawn, planed smooth or hand hewn adzed.  These homes are truly modern day replicas of those homes that were built in the south by the early pioneers and settlers in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Our homes however offer much better energy efficiency thanks to our precision handcrafting techniques, latex based chinking and the 8" thick walls we offer.  In fact, our 8” thick white pine log walls gives an astounding 48% higher R value than our competition’s 6” hemlock log.  The authentic look and the excellent value of this log style make this Legendary Logcrafters' most popular wall system.


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Scandinavian Full Scribe Round

product image The Scandinavian Full Scribe is our most popular style of handcrafted log construction.  Legendary Logcrafters is unyielding about the precision and quality that go into these authentically handcrafted homes.  The Scandinavian full scribe is a chinkless style of round log construction.  First, large white pine logs are completely hand peeled (no grinding or power planning here, just old fashioned drawknives).  Then the logs are precisely scribed and fitted using a "shrink to fit" saddle notch with a Swedish cope in the lateral.  To ensure that the fits remain perfect, advanced log building techniques are used.  Over scribing the lateral and stress relief cuts on the tops of the logs (this also greatly reduces checking) are two techniques used.  The standard log size range is 12" to 24" giving a very impressive look and an effective R value of 25.  To increase energy efficiency and eliminate air infiltration, an asphalt impregnated expanding gasket and mineral wool bat insulation is installed in the lateral groove during re- assembly.  For customers who really want their homes to stand out, a premium log size range of 14" to 30" is also available.  Most log builders offer the Scandinavian full scribe, however very few can handcraft it as authentically and precisely as Legendary Logcrafters can.  Look closely-there is a difference!

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Timber Frame

product image Somewhere between 200 and 500 BC, a new type of construction began.  It was the joining of two unusually large pieces of timber with a joint known as the Mortise and Tenon.  This type of joinery prevailed in all aspects of construction for centuries. It was not only used for its strength, but also for its aesthetic beauty.  Then came the Victorian era, bringing with it new developments in technology such as the circular saw mill, and the iron nail.  The world’s population was rapidly increasing, and a new type of construction had to be invented to keep up with the rise in housing demands.  Enter the introduction of stud wall framing.  By the late 1800s, most of the world's timber frame buildings were torn down, and the art was almost lost forever.  In the 1970s, a revival of timber frame structures began with a few wood craftsmen in Europe and North America.  The interest in timber frame homes has increased considerably in the past several years. Timber Framing is an alternative to horizontally stacked logs and in many cases can be more practical.  Timber Frame homes can have virtually any type of exterior finish (stone, brick, siding, etc.), and looks as natural in a country setting as it does in a subdivision.  Legendary Logcrafters has recognized the desire for timber frame homes and is dedicated to perfecting all types of wood joinery to meet this need.  We have become members of the Timber Framers Guild and have participated in several Timber Frame Conferences.  Over the past few years Legendary Logcrafters has built many significant timber frame structures.  We can accommodate any size project, from a small addition to a large commercial structure.  Our standards in log building also apply to our timber framing construction.  Our customers are guaranteed a superior timber frame home with precisely joined timbers that are fastened with hardwood pegs using traditional framing methods.  Each timber frame home we build is a testament to our relentless pursuit of strength and beauty -not just for today, but for generations to come.

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Craftsman & Hybrids

product image Legendary Logcrafters' Hybrid home is the marriage of timber framing or log construction and conventional construction.  This type of home is more economical than the full timber frame construction, and you can still enjoy the beauty and character of large timbers and open concept designs that are typically found in a log or timber frame homes.  The popularity of hybrid homes has increased dramatically in the past several years. Customers love the flexibility in designs of these homes and the ability of a hybrid to fit in to any landscape.  Most hybrid homes incorporate many natural elements and materials.  The combination of stone and heavy timbers can’t be beat.  Our standard model Hybrid homes start with a conventional house design and then heavy timber components and elements are incorporated.  Our most popular Hybrid combination includes a post and beam great room and foyer, heavy timber stairs, timber frame trusses in the master suite, a timber frame entrance and a few exterior trusses.  The flexibility of this design even allows the conversion of an existing conventional home to a hybrid with the addition of a timber frame great room and/or master suite and adding a few exterior timber trusses.  Building a Legendary Logcrafters Hybrid home is a cost effective way to enjoy the strength warmth and beauty that only wood can give.  We will work with you to design a hybrid that fits your budget and lifestyle so you can truly enjoy your unique one of a kind home.

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Synergy Roof Panels

product image In 1996, Legendary Logcrafters Ltd. thought we could service our customers ever further if we had a roof panel to offer with our log packages.  Un-happy with the products available on the market, we developed our own roof panel that was superior to all others.  Our innovative new roof panel was unique in so many ways.  Firstly, we know the importance of an air-space above the insulation and how it improves the overall efficiency and performance of the structure and roofing material.  Secondly, our panel has structural members every 24" and is sheeted on the exterior with 1/2" plywood allowing the panel to span 16' without any additional intermediate support.  Thirdly, and best of all, the panel comes with pine tongue and groove paneling on the interior surface.  It is even sanded and stained, color of choice.  Another unique advantage is that our panels are precut to your specific design and come in widths of up to 8'.  This allows for a very quick installation of less than a day on most homes.  We offer both R32 and an R40 panel, the choice is yours depending on your location and local building codes.  Please visit our website,, to get the full rundown.

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Log & Timber Accents

product image The popularity of Legendary Logcrafters’ log and timber accents continues to grow as customers explore the endless possibilities of hybrid construction.  Log and timber accents adds warmth and a rustic look to conventional stick buitl homes.  We custom build all of our accents to your exact specifications and ship them to your door for installation.  With the growing need for natural log and timber accents for residential and commercial projects, Legendary Logcrafters has stepped in to meet this demand and is willing to offer almost any log or timber accent to complete your project.  Log accents can be added to almost any type of construction, from something as simple a railing to a complete roof system with timber trusses.  Accents added to the interior or exterior of your home can add that special touch that sets your home apart from all of the rest.  A few of our most popular accents include hand peeled logs or timbers with almost any dimensions up to 40' in length, timber trusses, log or timber staircases, mantles, railings, posts, porches, roof systems, log siding and many others that convert an ordinary home into an Legendary one.

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Home Finishing Products

product image Legendary Logcrafters Ltd. is pleased to announce that we now offer a full line of finishing products. Through years of business and sheer volume, we can now offer our clients one stop shopping.  This means our customers benefit from one-stop-shopping, savings, convenience and most importantly, first hand knowledge and experience with these products.  Del Windows and Doors, Sansin Coatings, Goodfellow and Fraser wood, are just a few of the companies we have partnered with to pass on incentives to our clients.  Contractors are also a big part of our service offering.


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Coatings & Stain

product image Your log home is a testament to your unique taste and style.  It tells the world that you don't settle for the status quo.  So why settle for an average stain?  Sansin offers a complete line of specialized products to protect your log home.  Our flagship wood coating, Sansin Classic, was designed with the unique requirements of log homes in mind.  Sansin also offers wood coatings customized for log home interiors as well as a line of revolutionary chinking and sealant products.  And since the beauty of log homes owes so much to Mother Nature, we felt it was only right to ensure that our full line of log home products was designed to be environmentally-friendly.  In nature, trees are protected with bark.  In your log home, they should be protected with Sansin Enviro Stains.


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