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Attaining Your Goals

The Dream

At Legendary Logcrafters Ltd. we strive to make the building process of exciting and enjoyable.  The typical steps involved in purchasing and assembling one of our handcrafted log packages can be found below.  We work closely with you to design a plan that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget then develop a realistic schedule for delivery.  The elapsed time from the planning stage to the delivery of your package can vary considerably.  We have delivered projects in just over a month, however, on average projects are typically delivered in six months.

The Plan

Designing a custom home can start from something as simple as sketching your ideas on a piece of paper, using a plan you found in a magazine or plan book, or contacting a designer or architect to transform your vision into working drawings.  You may select the plan for one of our models or modify one of these plans to fit your specific needs.  We also provide in-house design services to help you draft preliminary plans and sketches.  The cost of using our in-house design service is applied to your home purchase price.  Please speak to our sales team to find out more about our design services.

The Quote

Once you are happy with your plan we will be able to provide a quote that will include a total cost for all included components, options and installation.  We will make suggestions that may help the overall design and structural integrity of your home and also look for opportunities to save you money.

The Project

Once you have decided to move forward with your project we will develop a contract that includes realistic payment, delivery and build schedules.  Once this is agreed, we suggest contacting your general contractor or builder to obtain a cost estimate to complete the interior of your home so that you may budget accordingly.  Please bear in mind that if you are your own general contractor you will need to obtain estimates for material, labor, permits etc. from your trades, local town or any other group that will be involved in the build process to allow you to develop your budget.  If you are going to apply for financing most financial institutions will require:


  1. Blueprints (preliminary or final)
  2. Completed cost estimates
  3. Log Package cost estimates
  4. Land title information
  5. Other information

Note: This list is a guide only.  Please consult your financial institution for a complete list of requirements.

Payment Schedule

  1. A 10% deposit based on the total contract price is required to move your project forward.  The deposit allows us to place the order for your material and also allows us to place your build into our production schedule.
  2. 40% of the total contract price is required in the production phase.  At this time we also require Final for Construction plans for your home.  This will show the final location for windows and doors and indicates the foundation has been started.  The handcrafted process usually takes four to eight weeks (depending on the size and complexity of your home).  You are welcome to visit our factory during the handcrafting or assembly process to see your project "in the works".  If you are not able to view your project in person, we will gladly email pictures of our progress to you.  As the completion of the production phase draws near, we will work with you to determine an exact delivery date.  Trucking will be arranged and any documentation required will be prepared.
  3. Once the production phase is complete and your foundation, subfloor, and decks are installed and complete we will arrange the delivery and set up of your home on your build site.  We require final payment, 50% of the total contract price, when your package arrives at your build site.  This payment is required before any material is off loaded from the truck(s).

Pre-Build Requirements

Customers are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the build site is ready for the log package delivery including a complete foundation, installed subfloor and deck, final grading etc.
  • Arranging for the crane to be used on site
  • Securing a proper builders risk insurance

The Build

The assembly of your log package generally takes between two to three days.  The log and roof panels are then installed, and, after this work is complete, your home is ready for your General Contractor.  We will meet with your General Contractor to go over any questions s/he may have in completing your home.  Our goal is to make the entire log home building experience and enjoyable and memorable one.  We are always available to help your General Contractor and tradesman with any questions that may arise.  If you need any more information or have any questions regarding our process, please give us a call.