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Eastern White Pine

The Species of used in the construction of a log home is very important as it impacts the performance and life of the home. Wood characteristics that are important in log construction include decay resistance, shrinkage, R-value, and stability.  All of these characteristics are self-explanatory-disagree-a simple explanation for each.  Stability of a particular wood species is the most important of all characteristics.  Stable wood species stay in place after it has been fitted and generally has low reactive forces.  Unstable wood species with high reactive forces tend to twist and warp and distort its "fits" or mating surface as well as log or timbers in contact with them.  Given these characteristics, two wood species stand out, Western Red Cedar in the West, and Eastern White Pine in the east.

Eastern White Pine is the wood we use exclusively because of its availability, log building characteristics and cost efficiency. This wood species shrinks half the amount of all other pines, spruces and firs. Its stability and decay resistance also exceeds all other species of wood used by North American log builders. And, it has an R value 30% higher than most other commonly used soft woods. We have experimented with other wood species but found none that met our high performance standards.

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